Fogadd el azt, ki verseket ír Néked, A vallomása, felülmúlhat Téged. Fogadd el azt, aki sírni tud érted, Azt, aki mindig örülni tud Neked.

2009. augusztus 28., péntek

♥Love is nothing love is all

Love is good and love is bad
♥Love is happy sometimes sad
♥Love is nothing love is all
♥But into love,we always fall

♥There s puppy love and mother love
♥And that special love we are part of
♥There s love in bloom and a love affair
♥And all the love we have to share

♥Love is cruel but mostly kind
♥And to some,love is blind
♥Love is give and love is take
♥Love is something that we make

♥Love is kisses and sweet embraces
♥And touching all those erotic places
♥Love is tainted love is pure
♥And love is pleasure-that s for sure

♥Love can break your heart in two
♥It can also be a dream come true
♥Love is neither big nor small
♥Yet love it seems can conquer all...

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