Fogadd el azt, ki verseket ír Néked, A vallomása, felülmúlhat Téged. Fogadd el azt, aki sírni tud érted, Azt, aki mindig örülni tud Neked.

2011. május 4., szerda

The Prayer of the Old

I kept the candle burning,
still, the darkness came,
autumn winds are blowing
over briny tame.
Sitting by the fire
warming heart and soul,
there's no more desire
to walk out that door...

With walls around me silent
I'm staring at the flames,
as if they can kiss away
the hurt, the aches, the pains...
My mind is blank, I'm weary,
time to take a rest,
No use mourning empty years
the sun never caressed...

Once again to hear
a long-forgotten tune,
stare into the clouds
at sunset in June...
And once more to ask for
joy and happiness…
Will that make my memories
alive any less?

If no heart is opened,
I'll pray for the strength
to be content walking
alone for the length...
God, wipe off my teardrops
and let me cry no more
when I realize no one
will be knocking at my door...

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