Fogadd el azt, ki verseket ír Néked, A vallomása, felülmúlhat Téged. Fogadd el azt, aki sírni tud érted, Azt, aki mindig örülni tud Neked.

2009. szeptember 3., csütörtök

Seasons of Love by bcassata

In winter, it’s romance we will chase
Cuddled up so close, by the fireplace
Snowflakes as beautiful as your eyes
Falling, from December’s winter sky.

In springtime when the rain is falling
Morning birds sing, flowers blossom
It’s with you, I’ll kiss in pouring rain
It’s you darling, that my heart gained.

In summer it’s under the stars we lay
Tonight, as the moon comes our way
It’s in my arms I’ll hold you tight, as
Romance fulfills this moon lite night.

In autumn, leaves fall from their tree
Yellow, orange, red, and some green
They tumble to the ground so quietly
Still it’s your love, that’s guiding me.

Although seasons, eventually change
It’s in my heart darling you’ll remain
It’s you my heart truly grown to love
Together through the seasons of love.

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