Fogadd el azt, ki verseket ír Néked, A vallomása, felülmúlhat Téged. Fogadd el azt, aki sírni tud érted, Azt, aki mindig örülni tud Neked.

2011. április 27., szerda

A bouquet for tomorrow...

If I can store your memories
For tomorrow’s yesterday,
I would collect all the flowers
Blooming on the way,
Gather up the little rainbows
Way up in the skies
And I would bind them all together
With the glitter in your eyes…
Then preserve for eternity
Every happy smile,
All those tender, precious moments
Knowing all the while
That recalling them will be painful,
I’ll shed many tears…
There is thunder in the distance,
Silencing my fears,
Then the rain starts…it destroys
The memories I saved,
And the dreams I now cherish
Will be kept enslaved…

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