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2011. április 16., szombat

I Love You Always by estrelas33

I sit alone, and think of you
I think of all the things we do
The way we laugh, the way we cry
The way we'd love until we die
My mind seems crazy, without you here
So far away, but yet so near
You know I love you, I always will
Until the day that time stands still
The craziness we have is real
Why oh why, can't I just feel
Your loving arms around me tight
We'd stay that way all through the night
And when the morning sun shines through
We'll stay in bed, we wouldn't move
A loving kiss, a touch, a moan
We'll share with each other all we know
The beauty etched inside your heart
It made me love you from the start
We had no idea what we'd become
Why this love we felt is still so strong
My only guess is because it's true

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