Fogadd el azt, ki verseket ír Néked, A vallomása, felülmúlhat Téged. Fogadd el azt, aki sírni tud érted, Azt, aki mindig örülni tud Neked.

2011. április 19., kedd

Gligorics Teru:Hopes…

Is there a rainbow waiting for me,
A bridge to eternity beyond the sea…
And when the summer fades into the mist,
And blustery winds howl at night from the east,
Will I have shelter to house my dreams?
Gentle words whispered to quiet my screams
When demons creep silently into the night
To torture, to banish my soul from the light…

Will on the morrow be glorious dawn,
Deep in the forest a frolicking fawn,
Will there be laughter followed by tears,
Or joy in the heart when the pain disappears…
Will I want sunshine, or eternal rest?
We’ll see…I know, that if I pass this test,
There'll never be mornings overcast, gray.
I’ll be ME once again…loving, and Fay...

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