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2009. április 5., vasárnap

Love On A Lazy Summer's Day:by truthinakiss

The meadow looks so beautiful this morning
The river just ambles on by
Barges and boats leave their moorings
Not caring where they are going or why.

The couple on deck are waving
Encouraging the artist in me
I carry on with my engraving
Carving a heart in the bark of a tree.

The riverbank dotted with primrose
Buttercup and purple flowering sage
Honeysuckle grows in the hedgerows
Surely this must be true loves stage.

A skylark hovers over the meadow
In the bushes the yellow hammers sing
I watch intently as the swallow
Catches her prey on the wing.

Mother nature is displaying her beauty
Her wisdom, her magic, her charm
One day you will share this with me
When I'm holding you in my arms.

Please my Lord hurry the day
My love and I have been so long apart
Help me Lord to find the way
To the girl who holds my heart.

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